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Man standing in Black Lives Matter Plaza in checked Hattie and George long sleeve shirt

Dapper Looks

Daring styles



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Comfort & Style

Classic Features

Constructed with luxury features - mother of pearl buttons, medium weight, 100% woven jacquard cotton for a softer texture and perfect drape, tab collars that stand out from the everyday.

Why Be Ordinary

Our shirts are bold, contemporary, and made for the person with a fearless fashion sense.

Care in Delivery

We don't cut corners. Our shirts, tunics, and accessories are packaged in sturdy, colorful boxes made from recycled paper products.

Tucked or Untucked

A great look either way!

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Jacket Optional

Cooler temps - Cooler style.

New Additions

New colors - New styles - and more.

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Interview with lead designer & principal, Laurence Ligon